Data Science Scholars

Join the College of LAS and Discovery Partners Institute for a semester-long data science internship in Chicago.

The Data Science Scholars program is designed for current LAS students who would like to:

  • Advance their knowledge within data science, including Python programming for data management, machine learning, statistics, and visualization
  • Participate in professional development experiences while advancing data manipulation-visualization skills
  • Network with employers and alumni while enjoying life experiences in Chicago

Students who have completed STAT 200 DS or STAT 200 and STAT 107 (or are enrolled for Spring 2021 term) are eligible to apply. Program participants in Fall 2021 will complete STAT/CS 307 (Modeling and Learning in Data Science) and a professional development course that includes employer visits and networking events with alumni in the Chicago area. Participants will complete full-time enrollment status by choosing from online UIUC offerings and possibly in-person courses at UIC. Exact offerings are still to be determined and may be limited.

The internships are paid, 20 hours/week experiences. Students accepted for the program will have an opportunity to meet with potential employers in March. After a networking event with employers, students and employers will complete a preference ranking process in order to to match students to internships. Please note: not all candidates will be matched with participating employers.

Available internships and responsibilities

The following are provided as examples of potential internships available, responsibilities expected, and skills developed. It is not a conclusive list, and opportunities may expand past what is listed.


2021 program details

Program dates

August 16 - December 16, 2021

Eligibility requirements

Students in any LAS major may apply to participate in this program, and they must minimally have junior standing for the Fall 2021 term and must have completed STAT 200 DS or STAT 200 and STAT 107 before the start of the program. Priority will be given to students in the social sciences, natural and behavioral sciences, and humanities. ​​​​

Program requirements

  • Students must enroll in STAT/CS 307 and LAS 199 Professional Development Seminar during the Fall 2021 term. 
  • Students must live near the Discovery Partners Institute. There are many options for student housing while in the program. Students will have the option of living in on-campus housing at the University of Illinois at Chicago, nearby apartments, with their families (if they are from the Chicagoland area), or other housing options. The College of LAS will provide help with housing options as needed.
  • Students will be responsible for their own transportation to and from DPI and their internship placement.

Costs, fees, and scholarship opportunities

  • Students will pay regular University of Illinois tuition and will receive a Life + Career Design scholarship to cover the internship program administrative fee.
  • Students are responsible for their own housing and meals. One option is to stay in dorms on the University of Illinois Chicago—more information on this option is forthcoming. Students are encouraged to apply for a LAS Life + Career Design scholarship to help cover living costs while on internship.
  • Transportation around Chicago, including back and forth to internship placement, is the student's responsibility. During orientation, students will be acquainted with transportation options in the area.

2021 timeline

  • Applications due: February 22, 2021
  • Candidates are notified: March 5, 2021
  • Employer-student networking event: March 13, 2021
  • Networking and interviews: March 15-19, 2021
  • Matching preferences due: March 22, 2021
  • Matches announced: March 26, 2021
  • Boot camp: August 9-13, 2021
  • Orientation: August 16-20, 2021
  • Classes and internships start: August 23, 2021
  • Fall break: November 22-26, 2021
  • Internship ends: December 3, 2021
  • Classes end: December 6, 2021


If you have any questions, please contact Barbara Hancin-Bhatt.