E-portfolios help you showcase your experience

In the College of LAS, we believe you are always learning, whether you're in the classroom or beyond it. Having a place to think about, connect and share that learning can give you an edge in your career and job search.

LAS Life + Career Design offers you a platform through which you can highlight what makes you uniquely talented and experienced.

You can:

  • share how your courses relate to and inform each other in creative ways that only you have envisioned
  • demonstrate how a service project advanced your data management skills
  • reflect on your intercultural fluency development as a result of a group project with international students
  • give evidence for how your curiosity and research skill developed by working in a lab
  • discuss your creative problem-solving skill when you found yourself lost in a country where residents speaks another language than the ones you do

By connecting meaningful learning and skills development and giving evidence for that development, you demonstrate your ability to solve problems, generate new ideas, and navigate challenges and challenging environments. All these talents will make you valuable to employers, graduate schools, and frankly, any community.

As an LAS student, you will use an e-portfolio as that platform to curate your learning and highlight your successes. Digication is the e-portfolio we use throughout the LAS Life + Career Design experience and in other courses at Illinois. It's easy to post those projects from classes that you are proud to share with others.

You can create a page for each potential employer in which you showcase your strengths and experiences as relevant for the position you are applying for. You can also create a page for a faculty member who agrees to write a letter of recommendation for you. Digication will not only help you think about and display the highlights of your undergraduate experience, it will also help you customize and share those highlights in support of your post-graduation plans.

See these student e-portfolio examples: