Undergrad research: Why it's been good for me

I have been an undergraduate researcher in biochemistry professor Satish K. Nair’s lab for more than two years.

I began there during the fall semester of my sophomore year. It all started with a small interest and a simple undergrad researchemail. Within a week, I found myself in meeting with the graduate student I’m currently working with. She gave me a tour of the lab and ask me if I could start tomorrow, and that’s how I got started!

Now, I have a few projects of my own. The Nair Lab is in the Department of Biochemistry and we do work on the biosynthesis of natural products and crystallography. I mainly work on aerobic bacteria and their proteins, which requires me to work in a giant anaerobic bubble for most of my hours.

research 2

Research has been such a valuable experience to me. It has taught me to consider the microcosms of my world and has trained me with a unique skillset, both mentally and physically, that I can use out of lab to help overcome the problems affiliated with being a young adult at a large academic institution.


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