Approval process for LAS courses

Read a description of the LAS Courses and Curricula Review Process

Submitting a course for review

LAS units will use the Course Inventory Management module to submit new and revised courses. Each unit will have a designated CIM user(s) who can submit new/revised courses. Faculty can use the information below to submit their proposed new/revised courses to their department for entry into the CIM. All questions on the CIM should be addressed to Amy Elli.

Propose a new course: Submit the New Course Form (updated September 2021) and a syllabus to the approved CIM user within your unit.

Revision of a course: Submit the requested change(s) and a justification for the change(s) to the approved CIM user within your unit.

Course fee request: Submit the completed Course Fee Request Form to the approved CIM user within your unit.

Policies and guidelines


CIM processing information

Deadlines and course tracking log

  • Deadlines for course submissions provides approximate dates for submitting new and revised course outlines forms to LAS for review
  • Course tracking log provides list of all LAS courses in process. You may need to refresh your browser to view the current log.

Course Form Completion Information

Other Resources


For more information on any of these procedures, please contact:

Amy Elli, senior associate director of academic programs, (217) 333-6622

Office of the Dean, 2090 Lincoln Hall, MC-448

Please submit all course forms via the CIM for college processing.