LAS Career Services

You don’t need to know where you will end up to GET STARTED.

Whether you are seeking help to make your plans reality, just starting to think about what lies ahead, or have no clue where to begin—there’s something for you through LAS Career Services.

Connect with us through individual appointments and drop-ins, take a workshop or career class, and learn about our career services partnerships across campus. Keep up with us on Instagram as well. 

Looking for some ideas? Learn from experiences shared in our student and alumni career stories.

A student looks at artwork at Spurlock Museum
Explore self and options
Know your interests, skills, values, and priorities. Understand how LAS majors lead to skills; and skills lead to occupations, fields, and industries.
A student working in a lab
Find opportunities
Discover resources to explore jobs, internships, undergraduate research, volunteer and service learning, study abroad, and more.
Students walking in front of Lincoln Hall
Make connections
Connect your unique experiences to opportunities and build your networks.
A student holding a folder
Prepare for your job/internship search or for a graduate and professional school application.



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What appeals to you?

One way to make sense of career opportunities is to think of roles in four categories. Roles can relate to PEOPLE, DATA, THINGS, or IDEAS

This Summer, we’ll explore each of these categories in turn. Visit often to see what grabs your attention. We are focusing on THINGS. 

Are you drawn to THING - CENTERED opportunities?

THINGS -- Do these gigs appeal to you: cooking/baking, constructing, fixing, operating tools/equipment, operating instruments/cameras, and event planning?

A student volunteering with children