Approval process for curricula

Read a description of the LAS courses and curricula review process.

Submitting curricula for review

We recommend that departments contact the Associate Dean Kelly Ritter in the Office of the Dean prior to submitting proposals for new or revised curricula. Once a unit has a final draft, please email it to Kelly Ritter and Amy Elli as a Word document. Please scan the signature page and send as a PDF via email.

For bachelor's, master's, PhD (including concentrations), graduate minors and concentrations, please see the Senate Ed Pol Proposal (updated November 2017)

For undergraduate minors, please see the Standard Minor Approval Form (updated November 2017)

For a list of current certificate programs, please click here.

Policies and guidelines

LAS college policies

Graduate College policies


Processing timelines and Curricula Tracking Log

Curricula Form Completion Information

Other Resources


For more information on any of these procedures, please contact:

Kelly Ritter, associate dean for courses and degree programs, (217) 333-1350

Amy Elli, senior associate director of academic programs, (217) 333-6622

College of LAS Office of the Dean, 2090 Lincoln Hall, MC-448