Parent resources

Congrats to you, too, on your child's journey in choosing a university! We're thrilled they're considering a major within the College of LAS and would be honored for them to join us.

We know that even though this is an exciting time for your family, it can also be an intimidating one. As such, we've compiled some resources to help you every step of the way.

In the College of LAS, your child will be well-supported. Student needs are prioritized by the LAS Student Academic Affairs Office. All LAS undergrads receive academic support, career services, holistic well-being, and social connection to facilitate steady progress toward successful college and life outcomes. 

An LAS degree provides a foundation for a successful life. A major in the College of LAS opens doors with graduate schools and employers. Last year, 94% of recent LAS grads obtained a first destination within 6 months of graduation. This means they got a job or continued their education right out of college.


Financial information
Pursing higher education is a significant investment. The University of Illinois has a number of resources to help.
Well-being & safety
We're here for our students. The University of Illinois has services for mental health, wellness, accommodation, and more.
Meet our faculty

Professors in the College of LAS are the top in their fields and are eager to share their knowledge with students.

Meet just a few of these amazing faculty members in our 940 Feet video series.

A screenshot from a 940 Feet video

With 70+ majors in a variety of disciplines, LAS is a great place for your child to explore their passions and find their path—and graduate on time, even if they change their mind in the process.