Program Change Requests

The College of LAS has plenty of resources for your program change request.

Some requests for administrative changes to your program or registration may be made online, some must be printed out and directions followed, and some requests can only be made at LAS Student Academic Affairs in 2002 Lincoln Hall. The list below includes your options. You may contact us by email if you have a question.

To speed the process of managing your academic program:

  1. First fill out the form—this will make your advising appointment more efficient.
  2. Bring all the pages of the form (including instruction sheets) to your advising appointment.
  3. Deliver your completed form in person to the office indicated, if necessary.
    (Note: Students affiliated with the Educational Opportunities Program (EOP), President’s Award Program (PAP), or Transition Program should submit all forms in person to the LAS Access and Achievement and Transition Office in 2002 Lincoln Hall.)  


Majors and minors


Course adds, changes, and drops

  • Late course add/section change/credit change
  • Petition for late course drop (obtain from LAS Student Academic Affairs)
    (Note: On Reading Day and during the Final Examination period, students will not be permitted to submit a late drop petition without consulting first with a dean or advisor at LAS Student Academic Affairs or Access and Achievement Program, both in 2002 Lincoln Hall. Students who wish to drop a summer course after the deadline should see a dean or advisor in the LAS Student Academic Affairs office.)
  • Petition for Retroactive Course Drop (obtain from LAS Student Academic Affairs)


Course load, credit/no credit, and grade replacement


Attendance and withdrawals


Degree requirements



  • Students who have stopped out for two semesters or more will need to submit an LAS re-entry form. The form will be available in October for spring applicants. Find more information and deadlines on our re-entry page
  • LAS Non-Degree Application (please see our non-degree enrollment page for more information)
  • Application for second degree in LAS (obtain from LAS Student Academic Affairs)

Forms may also be obtained from LAS Student Academic Affairs.


Transfer reports and recommendations

Students applying to transfer to another institution will sometimes be asked to supply a dean’s report or dean's recommendation from their current institution. For students in LAS, such requests should be directed to Dean Bob Steltman. Depending on the information required, you may need to contact the Office of the Dean of Students as well. Dean Steltman will help you figure out your next steps.