First-Year Experience

Welcome to the University of Illinois! The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences is thrilled to help you have a successful college experience. The LAS First-Year Experience (FYE) program is designed to help you with your transition from high school and to ensure that you have a great start at the University of Illinois.

FYE equips first year and transfer students with the knowledge to obtain academic success and personal well-being by building community through LAS Liftoff, first year courses, and opportunities to connect with other students.

LAS Liftoff

Held in August, LAS Liftoff is the college's welcome celebration for first-year and transfer students to help you kick off your amazing journey at the University of Illinois. It often features live entertainment, free LAS swag, and a chance to meet classmates and staff within our college.

Students talk outside Lincoln Hall
First year classes

LAS 101 is a one-credit, graded course designed to assist you in succeeding at Illinois. These small-group classes meet weekly and are led by an LAS 101 intern—a successful junior or senior whose goal is to help you get off to a strong start.

LAS 102 assists new transfer students in their transition to LAS and campus. The course includes lessons and workshops designed to meet the specific needs of a diverse transfer student population.

Connect with other students

We're here to support you through your time in the College of LAS. To get a great start, check out some of the programs offered for first-year LAS students.

🔸 We Got Each Other My Auntie's House - These programs are designed help build a community among men/women of color in LAS/UIUC, to provide a safe place to speak about their experiences, build skills and learn how to navigate the university.

Students talk in the BNAACC

Student voices

Matthew Crimmins
Matthew Crimmins
"FYE makes a positive impact on many students during a tough transition: the first couple weeks of college."
Robert Walker Jr.
Robert Walker Jr.
"The best part is knowing that you are not alone."
Ruichen Gao
Ruichen Gao
"In class, we shared a lot of thoughts, and I got to know about other students daily lives."