Corporate engagement

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The College of LAS is home to students and faculty members who are applying their talents to solve universal challenges.

Our students are bright and multi-faceted. They're choosing from more than 70 majors in 37 academic departments across the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Many also double major or earn minors or certificates. Across all of LAS majors, our students earn the skills we know employers seek: the ability to communicate clearly, work in teams, think critically, and solve difficult challenges.

The College of LAS is home to more than 600 faculty members who conduct research in a broad selection of fields including psychology, economics, statistics, astronomy, chemistry and chemical engineering, biology, and communication. They’re experts in an array of languages, advance our understanding of human behavior and culture, and accelerate the pace of discovery across mathematics and the sciences. Our corporate partners have engaged faculty to solve some of their business’ most challenging solutions.


Key facts about the College of LAS

  • It's home to more than 12,000 undergraduate students.
  • About 20 percent of those students are from under-represented populations; men and women are represented equally.
  • Talented students studying topics like data science, biological sciences, chemistry and chemical engineering, communication, economics, mathematics, actuarial science, and a variety of CS + X majors, which combine social science and humanities majors with coursework from Illinois' highly ranked Department of Computer Science.
  • Our faculty members have been honored with the National Medal of Science, Guggenheim Fellowships, National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowships, and memberships to the National Academy of Science and American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
  • Faculty pursue field-building research: In the 2017-18 school year, they received $36.7 million in grant funding from the National Institutes of Health. The University of Illinois received about $610 million total in grant funding from the National Science Foundation.

Corporate engagement opportunitiesStudents participate in a datathon by sitting in a large lecture-style classroom.

Case Study Interview Workshop

This interactive session will help students learn how to be successful in a case-study interview. Sponsors present content, provide an inside perspective to the case-study interview method, and conduct mock interviews.

Acing the Interview Workshop

Help students learn the basics. Sponsors are encouraged to create and present content, bring multiple corporate representatives, review resumes, and conduct mock interviews. Highlighting technical interviews or case study interviews is encouraged.

Corporate Communication Workshop

Clearly and effectively communicating your ideas, analyses, and results are critical to corporate success. Sponsor this workshop to provide students with the necessary skills. Sponsors are encouraged to create and present content.

Corporate Days

Engage with students throughout the day by setting up your table and sharing swag and food. With unlimited access to students, you can field questions about your company, collect resumes, and learn more about what drives students at the University of Illinois.

Case study competition, datathon, or hackathon

Engage with students from the Departments of Mathematics, Statistics, and Economics and related majors through team-based competitions to solve real-world problems. Sponsors provide the problem and data, judges, prizes and any desired informational sessions or workshops. Larger competitions could include multiple sponsors, and judges may also include university faculty or staff.

Read one statistics student's account of a corporate datathon on campus.

Company connections

Provide undergraduate students with an inside peek into the inner workings of your organization. Corporate visits directly connect students with the culture, facilities, and innovation while helping them envision participating in your growth.

Job shadow

Support students navigating their career path for the first time. Corporation can engage students and assist them in finding a role that builds on their strength while introducing students to their organization through job-shadow opportunities. 

Scholarships, fellowships, and awards

Each department has unique opportunities to invest in undergraduate and graduate student support via scholarships, fellowships, and awards. These opportunities are made possible by generous donations from alumni and corporate partners.


Research and targeted solutions

Corporate partners are an important source of research funding for the college and across campus. Corporation can engage with researcher in the College of LAS through funded research and applied research projects. We work with corporate partners to agree to confidentiality and intellectual property management to enable the commercialization of the resulting technology. The director of corporate relations can work with you to determine how to best partner with the college to meet your needs.


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