Expertise in LAS

An LAS professor works in a greenhouseThe College of Liberal Arts & Sciences is full of faculty who are leading experts in their fields, with expertise throughout mathematical, life, and physical sciences; the humanities; and social and behavioral sciences. Every day, these faculty members propel our understanding of the world forward through their research and creative activity. They explore and innovate, challenge and create, all to push us forward and make our world a better place.

Learn about the breadth and depth of LAS faculty expertise and how they're utilizing their knowledge to change the world.

LAS Experts series

In this Q&A interview series from the College of LAS, faculty members share their research, expertise, and life experiences.

Books from LAS

Faculty throughout the College of Liberal Arts & Science share their expertise, knowledge, and research in books on a wide variety of topics.

Special topics

From advancing our understanding of politics to advancing health care diagnostics, treatment, and more, join us for special series that ask LAS experts to answer the world's biggest questions.

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Health and LAS
LAS has long been a campus leader in health-related research and teaching with goals to advance diagnostics, treatments, and prevention techniques.
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Politics and LAS
Faculty throughout the College of LAS possess tremendous expertise that enlightens our understanding of the many dimensions of politics.
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Moving forward from COVID-19
How can we take what we learned from COVID-19 to make the world a better place? LAS faculty offer their perspective and expertise.