Alumni award programs

Alumni fountainLAS alumni are changing the world in ways large and small. They are inventing life-saving drugs, founding literacy programs, and working from within major corporations and institutions to build organizations that are more humane. Each year, the LAS Alumni Council selects a handful of these inspiring individuals for recognition.

The application process is simple and open to all. We encourage you to nominate someone you know for this honor.


Dean's Quadrangle Award

The LAS Dean's Quadrangle Award was inaugurated in the fall of 2000 to honor extraordinary friends of the College - people who have demonstrated profound confidence in and support for our diverse mission and who have personified throughout their lives and careers the unique benefits and responsibilities that define a liberal arts and sciences education. The award also recognizes individuals who have maintained a lifelong personal bond with the college.

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LAS Alumni Achievement Award

The LAS Alumni Achievement Award is given to alumni who, by outstanding achievement, have demonstrated the values derived from a liberal arts and sciences education. Nominees must qualify under one of the following categories: outstanding professional achievement; creative achievement; worthy cumulative performance through the years; or recent acknowledgement by community or professional peers.

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LAS Alumni Humanitarian Award

The LAS Alumni Humanitarian Award is given to LAS alumni who, through outstanding leadership or service, demonstrate the values derived from a liberal arts and sciences education by significantly improving or enhancing the lives of others.

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LAS Distinguished Service Award

The LAS Alumni Distinguished Service Award is given to alumni who have demonstrated leadership in service to the college. Meritorious service reflects a contribution of time, talent, or resources that have enhanced excellence within the college. Recipients must have received a degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, but it need not be from LAS. The distinguished service for which they are nominated should demonstrate the values derived from a liberal arts and sciences education.

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LAS Outstanding Young Alumni Award

The LAS Outstanding Young Alumni Award is given to BS/MS alumni under the age of 40 or PhD alumni within 15 years of graduation who have demonstrated the values derived from a liberal arts and sciences education by outstanding achievement, or by significantly improving or enhancing the lives of others through outstanding leadership or service.

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Departmental award winners

In addition to awards given by the College of LAS, LAS departments and units regularly bestow awards upon distinguished alumni. These awards celebrate the professional and personal achievements of alumni throughout the college while demonstrating the difference LAS alumni make in the world.

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Nomination process

Any interested person (with the exception of direct family members) may submit a nomination for an LAS Alumni Award, which are then reviewed by the LAS Alumni Council's awards committee. Because evaluations are based on the written nomination, nominators will want to take care to ensure that the submitted nomination materials adequately describe the nominee's entitlement to the award. The awards committee acts as impartial evaluators and do not participate in the awards nomination process. The awards are given at the discretion of the LAS Alumni Council and are not necessarily awarded every year. The college and the LAS Alumni Council maintain complete confidentiality of all nominations, which, if not selected, continue under active consideration for a period of three years. 

To nominate an individual, please complete the online application.

We also encourage the submission of additional supporting material, such as reference letters, a resume, LinkedIn profile page, an article or webpage speaking to the nominee's work/impact, or a written description of the nominee's work and service.

Deadline for nominations: October 4, 2023

Submit your nomination and all supporting materials online or by mail to:

LAS Alumni Relations
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
105 S. Gregory Street, Room 214, MC-220
Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 333-3387