LAS Honors program

The mission of the LAS Honors program is to empower students to be global citizens and global stewards, to enlighten them with deeper understanding of the diverse world in which they live, and to engage them with the core values and responsibilities of moving toward a sustainable future.

To be in LAS Honors means that you not only are an academic achiever but that you are an inquisitive and engaged person. You’re going deeper, making connections between subject areas, engaging in complex thinking, and connecting it with the world around you. 

Students in the LAS Honors Program—referred to as James Scholars—deepen their knowledge, skills, and passions through unique growth and enrichment opportunities. 

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What is
LAS Honors
For current James Scholars

Access the LAS Honors Student Handbook and program requirements, get current news, learn about LAS 122 and Honors Abroad, and honors graduation information.

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Admission to LAS Honors

There are three methods of entry into the LAS Honors program: invitation, self-nomination, and intercollegiate transfer.

Instructions and timelines vary depending on which group you are part of.

Hear from LAS James Scholars

Ishita Jadon
Ishita Jadon
Being a part of the Honors program has given me the opportunity to grow and push beyond my comfort level.
Claudia Albuixech-Robinson
Claudia Albuixech-Robinson
LAS Honors helps push you to flourish in whichever path you choose.
Josie Thannert
Josie Thannert
The LAS Honors Program has many advantages at the U of I, from our living-learning communities to early registration.