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Fall 2021 coverThe Quadrangle is a biannual magazine published by the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences every spring and fall. It tells stories of and impacting alumni, students, faculty, and staff throughout the college. The magazine was previously called LAS News.

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News & research from LAS

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A new future for numbers

The College of LAS builds and innovates to be a leader in data science.

Venetria K. Patton
Getting to know the dean
Learn about Venetria K. Patton, who joined us as the Harry E. Preble Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences in August.
Christopher Carpenter
Campustown bartender to Napa Valley winemaker
When it comes to bottling his craft, Christopher Carpenter uses his background in science.
Deon Thomas
Catching up with Deon Thomas

The former Illini basketball star and LAS alumnus was drafted by the Dallas Mavericks in 1994, but he went his own way.

Book covers from LAS facultyBooks from LAS

Land struggles, presidential photographs, and Gettysburg-inspired poetry were the subjects of books published recently by faculty members. 


Good night, moon

In November the moon put on a show not seen in 580 years: It hung in the shadow of Earth for more than six hours, creating the longest lunar eclipse since the 1440s. In this photo, Nicole Terzian and Wolfgang Struven observe the so-called blood moon from the University of Illinois Observatory.

Overlooked National Parks of the Midwest

We asked Robert Pahre, professor of political science who teaches and writes about national parks, to share his favorite national parks of the Midwest. Read his full reply here.

The lifelong calling of the birds

Mark Hauber’s research deepens our understanding of the avian mind. 

Helping the community find its place
Kathryn Oberdeck bridges people through history.
Esther Ngumbi
Raising scientific awareness
How do you raise scientific awareness? For Esther Ngumbi, the answer is simple: engage the community around you.
Samantha Frost
A profound view of politics
Samantha Frost challenges politics and what it is to be human.
Noyes Lab under construction
A landmark for chemistry and science

The history of Noyes Laboratory is rooted in fire, discovery, public service, and kindness

 LAS by the numbers

The College of LAS recently celebrated receiving $200 million in philanthropic support for the With Illinois campaign (stretching from 2017 to the end of 2021). Here’s a glimpse of who gave—and what they’re supporting. (Numbers compiled in December 2021). Learn more about giving to LAS.

Data on philanthropic support in the College of LAS. Total raise to date: $201 million. Number of donors: 16,816.