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The cover of the fall 2018 edition of LAS News, which bears the headline, "The digital  humanities How technology is helping to expand our understanding of history, literature, and language."Read the full Fall 2018 issue.


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Greetings from the dean

Studying the humanities helps us to understand our history and gives us the tools we need to create our future.

Around the College

A selection of recent images, news, and happenings from faculty, staff, and students.

A whole new ball game

CS + Astronomy major analyzes the physics of college baseball

Books from LAS

Our faculty have written about a variety of topics, from college football to the influence of a Hindu goddess.

LAS@Work: Top cop on campus

Jeff Christensen concludes a career with the University of Illinois Police Department.

Mathematician: Tips could bite into profits

What's good for waitstaff might not be good for eating out.

Historian reveals how doctors played a role in ideas about racial differences

Some pre-Civil War medical beliefs still survive.

The digital humanities

How technology is helping to expand our understanding of history, literature, and language.

Illinois announces reults of latest Illini Success initiative

Young LAS alumni are quickly finding jobs and other endeavors after graduation.

Image of research

A striking image of Illinois students sketching deltaic sediments. They're members of the field class Geology 415/515.

LAS Experts: The wisdom of living systems

Ying Diao learns from biological processes to create a new generation of green technology.

Four LAS students honored by Goldwater Scholarship Program

The undergraduates were recognized for their potential to advance research.

Illinois alumnus appointed to direct China's central bank

Yi Gang earned a graduate degree in economics.

Researchers shed light on how influenza invades immune systems

Mutations allow virus to escape antibodies and regain strength.

New fellowships bolster humanities and arts-based humanities at Illinois

Competitive program will support 16 graduate students per year.

Writing for sustainability

Student demand leads to new certificate in environmental writing.

Dea sea explorers

Much of what we know about the ocean floor began with scientists from land-locked Illinois.

LAS by the numbers

Where do LAS students come from?

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