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News & research from LAS

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Higher education for a higher calling

For many, an LAS degree is the first step for a career in teaching

Book covers from LAS facultyBooks from LAS

Indigenous poetry, natural disasters, political philosophy, and racism in Russia were just some of the subjects of books published recently by LAS faculty members. 




A gift helps U of I keep learning from its massive collection of coal balls.


Carol Symes
Scenes from theater, academic community, and lifelong learning
Carol Symes named a University Scholar for excellence in research, teaching, and service
A graphic of a person with a megaphone
'Data nerds' helping difference makers
The Cline Center for Advanced Social Research develops powerful tools to understand massive data collections
Ashley Berggren
A gritty pursuit of a dream

As good as she was at basketball, Ashley Berggren’s next sport was a big hit

LAS Alumni Award winners
Alumni honored
For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic, the College of LAS last spring honored alumni award winners.
The squirrel experiment
In 1901, against all odds, the University of Illinois set out to bring gray squirrels to campus.
Justine Murison
LAS Experts: Justine Murison
Justine Murison is fascinated by what she calls "the meeting place of the material and the immaterial."
The making of the mammoth

The campus community was delighted in March at the installation of a true-to-life, 12-foot statue of a mammoth near the Main Quad. Created by Rantoul, Illinois-based Taylor Studios, the mammoth is part of the campus Art-In-Architecture program stemming from the Natural History Building renovation.

Venetria K. Patton
A minute with the dean
Venetria K. Patton discusses new and upcoming developments at the start of a fresh school year.
Joseph Frumkin
Joseph Frumkin is the guest engagement coordinator with Lincoln Park Zoo.

Peaceful places

From the Arboretum to Boneyard Creek, university leadership is working to grow and create resilient and sustainable landscapes throughout campus. Do you know the ins and outs of green spaces on campus? Here’s a little tour you might not have been on before.