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News & research from LAS

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The lessons of the Windy City

The College of LAS improves lives and understanding through its work in Chicago

Book covers from LAS facultyBooks from LAS

Indigenous poetry, natural disasters, political philosophy, and racism in Russia were just some of the subjects of books published recently by LAS faculty members. 




This fall, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences alumni, faculty, staff, and students gathered to give back to their communities through LAS Days of Service.

During the Urbana-Champaign event, volunteers met at the University of Illinois YMCA to sort, organize, and pack donated food items for area families. 


Atul Jain
Looking up and looking forward
Atmospheric scientist Atul Jain is recognized for vital insights into the future of our climate
Students playing a game on the grass at LAS Liftoff
The social side of intelligence
LaTasha Holden expands definitions of cognitive ability
Danielle Zymkowitz
A gritty pursuit of a dream

Softball sensation Danielle Zymkowitz continues a Hall of Fame career

Professors honored with named positions pictured with Venetria K. Patton
Professors honored with named positions
Several faculty members were recognized recently with named positions, representing the departments of English, African American Studies, sociology, chemistry, and chemical and biomolecular engineering.
Paul Dziuba
A safer place for scholars
Many within the College of LAS join the Illinois Scholars at Risk Program to assist faculty members fleeing danger at home.
Joaquin Vieira and his students with the James Webb telescope
LAS Experts: Joaquin Vieira
Joaquin Vieira and his students use the James Webb telescope to differentiate molecules in a distant galaxy.
The eyes on the time

A student of astronomy might identify Joel Stebbins as the father of photoelectric photometry, a star-gazing technique so important that his workplace, the University of Illinois Observatory, was eventually named a National Historic Landmark. Not as many remember Stebbins for being the campus timekeeper and for being an influential advocate for the installation of chimes in Altgeld Hall.

Venetria K. Patton with students
A minute with the dean
Venetria K. Patton, the Harry E. Preble Dean of the College of LAS, talks about efforts to make college a more fulfilling experience.
Devin Chehak
Devin Chehak is a general forecaster and meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

Success in student support

The College of LAS supports students on their unique paths to success. Here’s a quick look at just
a few of the programs that provide undergraduate students academic, career, and social support.