Programs of study

Undergraduate programs


The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences offers 70 majors, all of which offer some flexibility. Students can also design their own majors with our individual plans of study. The student designs this program in consultation with his or her advisor. All programs allow for flexibility so that students may create programs that are uniquely their own.


LAS minors are open to students in any curriculum or college at the university.


Certificate programs typically involve fewer courses than a minor, while enabling students to develop additional knowledge in a field or subfield.

Graduate programs

The College of LAS is proud to offer over 110 graduate-level majors and minors.

The LAS mission

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences develops broadly educated individuals who can think openly and critically, communicate effectively, and are responsive to the needs of individuals and society.

Our expectations of you

We expect our students to develop skills in areas that reflect the college's broader, overall purpose, including:

  • fluency in English;
  • literacy in at least one additional language;
  • broad exposure to many different disciplines; and
  • intensive study in at least one discipline or interdisciplinary program.

Your responsibility to yourself

You can satisfy these goals through a variety of courses and experiences. A diverse and intensive program of study will:

  • prepare you for a strong occupational, professional, and intellectual future
  • develop clarity and range of mind

Note: University statement on qualification for registration, certification, or licensure in a profession.