Advising and support

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LAS emphasizes individual responsibility. Students take charge of their own academic programs. While this means adhering to deadlines and satisfying degree requirements, advisors are here to help all along the way.

Departmental advising

Advising for students who have declared a major.

College-level advising and programs

Assistance for all LAS students on major academic matters and degree audits, and advising for specialized programs.

General advising guidelines

  • Entering freshmen and transfer students participating in summer registration are advised by a staff of LAS professional, faculty, and graduate-assistant academic advisors, as well as by regularly designated departmental advisors.
  • Once students achieve sophomore standing (30 credits), most are authorized to complete their own course transactions, except for the credit/no credit option. This allows for convenience, efficiency, and flexibility of student choice. The self-authorization extended to students at registration is not meant to imply self-advising. All students are encouraged to consult with their advisors and the college staff.