How I’m following my passions in the College of LAS

Liwen WangFor me, college is the place I can explore myself.

LAS offers an incredible range of classes and I am able to learn all the stuff I am interested in. I learn presentation skills in communication classes and logic in math classes. I get to try new things with wonderful professors. Whenever I have an idea, my advisors, instructors, and friends all support me well.

When I came to college, I was majoring in chemistry. However, I immediately found that I was more interested in applied subjects. I love math and enjoyed the process of solving math problems. I am also interested in finance and economic-related knowledge, since they influence the macroeconomic environment, as well as everyone’s daily life. So I decided to transfer to the actuarial science major, where I can keep in touch with applied math, basic finance knowledge, and also economics.

During my second semester, I tried a communication class, and I realized it was so amazing when we tried to look at human beings and society. This could help us discover humanity and understand how people live in this world. I realized I wanted to study communication, too. I went to the communication office immediately, and when I walked out of that room, I was a communication major.

LAS also offers a lot of research and internship opportunities. As a communication student leader, I’ve worked with other excellent communication fellows and talked to several guests. I am also an intern in Applied Technologies for Learning in the Liberal Arts & Sciences , where I apply my data skills to assist economics professor Rebecca Thornton with her research. I am excited to learn from other people and apply my knowledge in the real world. In conclusion, studying in LAS is helping me become a person with curiosity, passion, and diligence.

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Liwen Wang