Life + Career Design Goals for Fall 2020

Conducting undergraduate research. Finding internship opportunities. Joining a student club. Applying for jobs. Staying motivated and engaged in this pandemic term.

In the midst of a semester unlike any other, we want to do all we can to help you make progress on your academic and professional goals. That's why we've designed Life + Career Design in the Pandemic, a four-step program that is available to all undergraduate students in LAS. As part of that program, you will be asked to set a goal for the semester.

Included below are 9 general pathways to help you set your goal. Once you identify which general pathway you want to pursue, think about setting a specific goal for the semester and register it here. We’ll use your general pathway and draft goal to match you with peers and a coach for the semester.

Needing further inspiration?

Schedule time with a Life + Career Design lab intern where you can learn more about goal-setting.