Inclusive Excellence in LAS

Diversity of academic pursuits, cultures, and people is part of the fabric of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Illinois. LAS is committed to providing a healthy, safe, and secure space for analytical and critical thinking, teaching, research, and innovation that fosters a community of global citizens prepared to make important contributions to society.

We recognize that an important key to change is listening. As such, we welcome any suggestions and feedback on the steps we are taking within the College of LAS to address diversity, equity, and inclusion.

About inclusive excellence in LAS

Learn about our mission to make LAS more inclusive—and about the people helping us get there.


Read about inclusive excellence efforts within the College of LAS.


You belong. Access undergraduate resources across the University of Illinois that help to support diversity, equity, and inclusion and to support the people that make the U of I a special place.


Faculty members during a training

Work towards inclusive justice.

From inclusive hiring to leadership and professional development opportunities, the College of LAS has resources to help make our campus a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive place.