Design your life and career


Our students don’t limit their learning to the classroom, library, and research lab. They use design thinking to find their passions and prepare for their careers.

The college’s resources incorporate a number of opportunities to help them, including a core set of classes, a variety of events, services offered through the Life + Career Design Lab, and hands-on learning experiences.

Our students reflect on what they’ve learned by creating personal portfolios that tell their stories and maps for navigating their futures.

How do we do this? We ask students to inquire, engage, and create.


We believe curiosity is a catalyst for growth. We inspire curiosity through active inquiry of self, others, challenges, and opportunities. We do this through:

  • core classes that will help you learn about and apply design thinking
  • LAS Success workshops, to help you succeed in the classroom and beyond
  • the Life + Career Design Lab, where peer advisors and staff members can help you face-to-face
  • Career Communities, where you can learn about the possibilities and take some action


We believe that students need to have a range of experiences both in the classroom and beyond to determine what they'll do after graduation. We inspire students to engage with opportunities and reflect on how they fit into their life and career maps. Resources we offer:


We believe in the power of the narrative. We assist students in creating their personal stories—retrospective and prospective—based on their experiences and reflections. We guide students to create a narrative around their academic, personal, and professional experiences to help them find new opportunities for growth and career success. We do so by:


A student raises his hand in class.
Not sure where to start?

Use these five questions to help you figure out how to start designing your life at Illinois and beyond.

Design your life and career through our core classes

Our classes will help you plan your time at Illinois and navigate your future beyond college. They include:

  • LAS 101, Design Your First Year Experience
  • LAS 102, Transfer Advantage
  • LAS 201, Design Your Illinois
  • LAS 250, Design Your Life + Career


Students learn in a section of LAS 101
A student talks to a recruiter at the ACES + LAS Career Fair
Tools for your job search

The College of LAS offers many resources as you search for a job or internship. You can look for a job at our ACES + LAS Career Fair and develop new skills in our LAS Success Workshops.

Learn practical skills in LAS Success Workshops

Our LAS Success Workshops will help you navigate both academic challenges and prepare for your future. Some examples of workshop titles:

  • Design your study abroad
  • The mindful student: Discovering your strengths
  • Preparing for your first chemistry exam
LAS' Director of Career Development Brian Neighbors teaches an LAS Success workshop
Students pose with a statue of Mozart in Vienna
Study abroad through the College of LAS

Learn more about the world around you by participating in one of our study abroad programs. You can take a short-term trip over a school break, or stay for a semester or academic year.

Wellness resources

Designing your life and career requires strength, resilience, and persistence. These tools will help you evaluate and develop your own wellness skills.

A wheel of wellness
A student wearing a tye dye shirt pipes a chemical into a test tube in a lab
Get involved in undergraduate research

Research can provide you hands-on experience and insight into your future.