Design your life and career

Move your career development forward using design-thinking and the countless opportunities available to you as an LAS student.

In order to design forward, you need to know where you are, and Life + Career Design will help you clarify your goals, set your direction, and promote your engagement.

We’ll help you be career ready by encouraging you to inquire, engage, and create!


Curiosity is a catalyst for growth. Take a look at yourself, others, challenges, and opportunities through:

  • Core classes that will help you learn about yourself and set your direction.
  • The Life + Career Design Lab, where trained peer advisors and professional staff help you map your Illinois journey and take steps forward
  • Career Communities, where you explore the possibilities and learn how to take action


Experience is a great teacher. It lets you try out your skills, test your interests, develop your networks, and expand your world. Engage in:


The narrative is powerful, and people want to hear your story.  Create a compelling narrative around your academic, personal and professional experiences that will open up new opportunities for growth and life + career success.

Life + Career Design Lab

Career development is a journey. Explore your interests and questions on majors, career preparation, and other life-designing and life-shaping activities in the Life + Career Design Lab.

Become an LAS intern
Develop leadership, collaboration, social skills

The College of LAS offers students options to serve as an intern for LAS 100, 101, 102, 122, the Life + Career Design Lab, and more. 

Gain valuable experience while supporting other students and growing as a person.

LAS 101 interns
A student talks to a recruiter at the ACES + LAS Career Fair
Tools for your job search

The College of LAS offers many resources as you search for a job or internship. You can look for a job at our ACES + LAS Career Fair and develop new skills in our LAS Success Workshops.