Life + Career Design Lab

A staff member and a student talk in the Life + Career Design LabThe LAS Life + Career Design Lab is a one-stop shop where students in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences can explore their interests and questions on majors, career preparation, study abroad, undergraduate research and other life-designing and life-shaping activities.

Location information

Open 1-5 p.m. Monday through Friday
2040 Lincoln Hall
702 S. Wright St., Urbana IL 61801

To get to the lab, come up Lincoln Hall's northwest staircase or elevator.


Resources you'll find within the lab

Within the Life + Career Design Lab, you'll find:

  • Professional staff dedicated to helping students navigate their Illinois experience, including study abroad, career development, and new-student transitions
  • Computers and printers to access information on opportunities
  • Wayfinding maps and other Life + Career Design tools
  • Peer advising for study abroad, undergraduate research, and career planning


Resources beyond the lab

The lab is a physical space that encourages students to think like a designer when getting involved and preparing for the future. However, many of the lab’s experiences happen all over campus and around the world, including through:


Get career advice from LAS alumni:

LAS alumni are pretty amazing people. A few offer advice on topics related to professional success. View more.