Minors in the College of LAS

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences offers a formal system of minors, which may be completed in conjunction with any major or curriculum. Minors are optional but can enhance the undergraduate experience.

Minors must be completed in conjunction with a major in a different discipline. Some majors may allow the use of a minor in place of supporting coursework.


A minor is a coherent program of study (generally 18-24 hours) requiring some depth in the subject but is not as extensive as the major or curriculum.

Restrictions exist on which minors can be earned by certain majors.

  • Generally, a student may not pursue a minor in the same department as the major or pursue a minor where there is significant overlap between the required courses of the major and the courses in the minor.
  • Courses cannot count toward requirements of more than two programs (majors, minors, double degrees).
  • Students who wish to complete a minor must earn at least six hours of distinct, advanced course work in the minor. Note: These hours do not include supporting course work or technical electives.
  • Students completing Individual Plans of Study must receive the approval of their advisors before declaring a minor.

Students are advised to consult with an advisor in the department offering the minor for information on the courses that will fulfill requirements. Specified courses are listed for each minor in the academic catalog; ordinarily, no course substitutions are allowed. Courses counted for the minor must be taken for a grade. Students are eligible to seek minors in any of the undergraduate colleges as long the prerequisites for the courses have been met.

Declaring a minor

Students must consult with an admissions/records officer after they have earned 30 hours if they want to declare a minor. Your Statement of Intent to Pursue a Campus-Approved Minor form may be submitted to LAS Student Academic Affairs as soon as 30 hours have been earned and must be submitted no later than 4:30 p.m. of the last day to add classes in the term of your graduation. Verification of the completion of the minor will be posted on your transcript at the time of graduation.

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