Statement on inclusivity

The LAS Student Academic Affairs Office acknowledges that the term inclusivity is not limited to one definition or set of constructs, but exists in many forms and contexts.

As part of an interdisciplinary college within a large land-grant university, we strive to cultivate an inclusive environment that respects and honors the dignity and differences of all students, faculty, and staff. It is through the convergence of these differences that we learn from one another and see our complex world from new and informed perspectives.

Realizing that a truly inclusive environment requires action, we commit to the following principles to ensure that each person served by this office feels valued and welcomed in the College of LAS:

  • Seek voices and participation from all individuals to facilitate open dialogue and active listening as we learn, advise, and teach
  • Engage with students using culturally competent and evidence-based practices
  • Utilize campus resources to advocate for and empower our students
  • Participate in training and development to support diverse populations
  • Advance our mission through self-awareness, accountability, and reflection