Cynthia - Peru

Cynthia Estrada Diaz de Leon studied abroad in Peru.Cynthia is a student in LAS global studies and Portuguese who participated in a short-term study abroad program, Global 298 in Peru

Name: Cynthia Estrada Diaz de Leon
Major: Global Studies & Portuguese
Study Abroad Program: LAS Faculty Led Heritage, Tourism, Economic Development in Land of the Incas (Global 298)
City/Country: Cuzco, Peru

"Learning about the Incas through books does not compare to actually being in the Land of the Incas. I touched Incan walls and walked Incan paths. This was definitely an experience of a lifetime."

"I learned that I actually love learning about indigenous peoples in Latin America. This program will influence my career plans because I will have experience in being in a developing country in Latin America -- and that's what I want to work with in the future (international development)."


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