Returning to LAS after time away

LAS students who voluntarily withdrew during the semester or stopped out for a semester are generally eligible for re-entry to the LAS major in which they were last enrolled, provided they meet two conditions:

Other students who may complete the LAS Re-Entry Application form include:

  • LAS students placed on a "must petition" status due to late semester withdrawal, disciplinary issue, or other special circumstances. Re-entry is not guaranteed.
  • Any U of I student required to spend time away from campus due to inadequate academic progress ("drop" status) who now wants to apply for re-instatement or admission to LAS as a declared major. Re-entry is not guaranteed.
  • Students who have already earned a degree at Illinois and wish to pursue a second Bachelors degree

Choose one of the following steps, depending upon your time of absence:

  • LAS Students who have stopped out for one semester only should contact their admissions/records officer to verify remaining degree requirements and appropriate registration time.
  • Students who have stopped out for two semesters or more should submit an LAS re-entry form.

Please note:

  • Students on academic drop status must stop out for two consecutive semesters before they are eligible to submit a petition for re-entry. Re-entry is not guaranteed and will depend upon a careful review of your application and previous performance patterns, and on the availability of university facilities when the student applies.
  • International students should submit by the priority application deadline in order to provide enough time for visa application and processing.
  • Your Re-Entry Application must be received by the dates indicated below.  You will be notified of a decision, via email, generally within two weeks. For questions, contact Anna Chovanec.


Term for which applying Application available     Last possible date for completed application
Summer Term February 1     April 30
Fall Term May 1     August 1
Spring Term October 1     November 30