Applying for a second degree in LAS

Those interested in earning a second bachelor's degree in the College of Liberal Arts & Science may do so in a variety of ways, depending on their circumstances:

Due to enrollment constraints, second bachelor’s degree applicants to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences must have demonstrated academic success in the curriculum to which they apply beyond the junior-level minimum requirements for admission.  Demonstrated academic success includes successful completion of courses in the discipline or courses that are directly applicable to major requirements. Applicants must also submit a rationale for the second bachelor’s degree in the context of prior or planned degrees, current occupation, and/or career goals.

Steps for earning a second degree

  1. Apply for admission if you have not previously attended Illinois or apply for re-entry if your first bachelor's degree was awarded at Illinois. Please note that you must meet the transfer requirements for your intended major.
  2. Once admitted, work with the advisor of your new major to develop a completion plan.
  3. Schedule an appointment with Tenaya Reifsteck, Kristy Valentin, or Bob Steltman in LAS Student Academic Affairs to have the completion plan approved.

Generally, second bachelor's degree candidates must complete 30-60 hours above the requirements for the first degree. Those hours will include any general education course deficiencies, major course requirements, and fulfillment of residency.