Center for Advanced Study announces 2021-22 associates and fellows

Nine selected faculty members come from the College of LAS
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The Center for Advanced Study promotes interdisciplinary thought and collaboration at the University of Illinois.

The Center for Advanced Study has appointed nine faculty members from the College of LAS as associates or fellows for the 2021-22 academic year. They were among 20 faculty members chosen across campus.

Center for Advanced Study (CAS) associates and fellows are tenured and untenured faculty members, respectively, whose proposals are selected in an annual competition. Associates and fellows are granted a one-semester teaching release to pursue a scholarly or creative project.

The CAS sheds light on interdisciplinary thought and collaboration, from hard science and engineering to humanities and the arts. CAS works with every department on campus to provide faculty with support, connections, and funding to work across disciplines.

CAS associates for 2021-22 in the College of LAS:

Mark Hauber, evolution, ecology, and behavior

Marc Hertzman, history

Craig Koslofsky, history

Lijun Liu, geology

Helga Varden, philosophy

David Wilson, geography and geographical information science

CAS fellows for 2021-22 in the College of LAS:

Clara Bosak-Schroeder, classics*

Damien Guironnet, chemical and biomolecular engineering

Aida Talic, linguistics*

*-Clara Bosak-Schroeder and Aida Talic have also been named Beckman fellows.

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Illinois News Bureau and the College of LAS