How to find campus seminars that will help you as an undergrad


It is easy to see that this campus has many professors and students conducting various types of research—from physics to philosophy, and everything in between.


There are many opportunities to take advantage of, but there is one in particular that I have come to realize many students are unaware of. I’m a geology major, and my department hosts weekly “colloquiums.” These colloquiums, or seminars, are simply hour-long lectures given by a resident or visiting professor on a topic that falls within the boundaries of the department.


The geology colloquium is every Thursday, and I’ve found that they’re a great place to meet faculty and graduate students, make connections, and learn new things, not to mention you’ll be impressing professors and faculty by indicating that you’re a student curious about research.


The best part about these seminars is that they’re almost always about research that is being conducting right now. That means that if you’re really interested in the subject matter, you have a chance to speak with an expert on the topic, and there’s always a possibility that it could lead to your involvement via graduate school or undergraduate research.


Most departments host seminars, and undergraduates aren’t often in attendance because they simply do not know about them until they’re upperclassmen. I encourage you to inquire with your own department to see how you can get involved and attend a seminar—who knows, in 10 years, maybe it will be you giving the seminar!


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