Five things to do after you accept your admission to Illinois

Congratulations on your admission to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign!

Now that you’ve had enough time to consider your offer of admission and you have hopefully accepted, here are a few things you can do to prepare:

  1. STEPHANIE SANTOWork through your Admitted Checklist. Completing every task on the Admitted Checklist is necessary. Campus sets deadlines for all of the required forms and transcripts, so don’t miss them!
  2. Introduce yourself to your classmates. When I was a freshman, we had a class Facebook page. There’s a group for the Class of 2022, as well. Introduce yourself to your classmates and tell them a bit about you. This can range from what you study to your favorite TV shows to your hobbies and interests. (Students run this page, not our campus. So if you have questions about the admissions process, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.) I advise being yourself, but being appropriate. Introducing yourself to your class is a great way to find people you have something in common with and to find a roommate. That being said ... 
  3. Pick where you would like to live. Though you are not required/allowed to pick your housing preferences yet, it is always good to plan ahead because all first-year students are required to live in University Housing for their first year. Whether or not you have introduced yourself or found a roommate, you can start this part by yourself by weighing the pros and cons of each option in order to determine where you would like to live. Some things to take into account are your location on campus (proximity to classes), amenities and accommodations you may need, and whether or not you want to live in a Living-Learning Community. If you have already mentally selected where you want to live, make sure you have a backup plan that you like so if your second option gets picked, you won’t feel disappointed.
  4. Think about your first-semester courses. Your first year will most likely involve general education courses and introductory or orientation courses. You’ll register for them this summer, but it’s not a bad idea to consider your options. You can figure out what general education courses are available by looking them up with the Course Explorer website . Introductory or orientation courses are always offered in the fall semester because that’s when most first-year students start. 

    Plan how many courses you want to take while keeping in mind your major requirements, any required introductory/orientation classes you may have to take (within your college or major), and whether or not you want to declare a double major or minor. If this seems overwhelming, don’t worry – you’ll have plenty of support at summer registration.

    The QuadIf you are a Division of General Studies student, now is a good time to explore majors; I recommend planning to try out a course from a major you may be interested in even if it is not a general education course. If you are not sure what the requirements are, you can look them up. This will prepare you for registration day. Make sure you are aware of all your department offers!


  5. Look up Registered Student Organizations. Our campus has more than 1,000 RSOs you can join. RSOs and are clubs and organizations. Some are professional/academic, and some are more social. Preparing in advance will give you some idea of who to look for on Quad Day.

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