Learn something amazing: Illinois offers a huge variety of classes

EMMA SCHUSTERTo attend the University of Illinois is to know that you will never fail to find an interesting class to put into your semester schedule.

With more than 5,000 courses offered, opportunities to expand your knowledge, and have a little fun while doing it, seem infinite. Just within LAS, more than 1,500 courses are offered to students. But you’re not limited to just one college: a chemistry student can take courses in business, a history student can take classes in computer science, an engineer can take art classes. The combinations are endless.

Thus, when considering an education at Illinois, you don’t have to feel limited to the courses specified in your degree program. Curiosity and exploration are encouraged!

I have unquestionably taken advantage of opportunities for taking diverse coursework. I enrolled in HORT 100, Introduction to Horticulture, which turned out to be one of the most fun and educational courses I have taken to date! The course was taught as a combination lecture and lab, so we learned about the foods and plants we eat, and then worked in the greenhouses to graft our own decorative plants, vegetables, and even apple trees (all of which are still thriving in my home or planted in my garden!).

Photo of all of the plants that I grew during my HORT 100 Class, most of which are still growing in my home and garden.

ART 199, Experiments in Painting and Collage, was another unique course I took. As a person who draws with stick figures, this class was an interesting experience in that I learned how art appears in nontraditional forms. This course had me rummaging through secondhand stores, collecting leaves and twigs, and scanning newspapers and magazines for both inspiration and material. During my time here, I have taken additional classes in linguistics, economics, music history, music performance, and geography. The classes I have taken represent only a fraction of the possible courses open to you as an Illinois student.

You can take language classes: Portuguese, Hindi, Korean, Persian, Zulu, and Yiddish, to name a few. If you please, you can dabble in theater with courses like THEA 110, Broadway Musicals. You can take courses in religious studies, advertising, and cinema and media studies. You can take ice skating lessons. You can delve into Greek Mythology. You can become conscientious of what you eat in Food Science and Nutrition courses. You can expand your global mindset with classes in East Asian Languages and Culture, Scandinavian Studies, and South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.

No matter what you come here to study, you will leave knowing so much more about the world in which we live.

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