How my humanities degree is preparing me for the future

By working toward a humanities degree here at the University of Illinois, I am putting myself on track to have the future that I want to have.

I’m an English major, minoring in secondary education. Over the last two years here, I have developed my writing skill set into one that is versatile and capable of not simply analyzing texts, but communicating ideas, expressing perspectives, and capturing thoughts. My humanities degree will help me to get a job as a high-school teacher after graduating, helping me to accomplish a life goal of being an educator.

Beyond my academic goals, pursuing a humanities degree enabled me to achieve a long-term goal I had of studying abroad. With the help of my academic advisor, and with lots of planning since freshman year, I was able to attend school at University of York in York, England. As an English major, I got to study Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and Medieval literature, in the very country of those authors’ origins.

Without the help of my advisor, and without having the versatility of my humanities degree, it would have been very difficult to accomplish this dream of mine. Studying in the College of LAS has allowed me to already achieve goals I have had for a long time, and is helping set the table for me to ensure long-term success for my future.