The favorite classes I’ve taken as an LAS student

Megan Resurreccion poses in front of the English BuildingAs a junior in the College of LAS, I’ve had the opportunity to take a variety of courses that has shaped my outlook on my college experience, and my life!

Most of the courses were primarily taken to fulfill gen-ed requirements during my freshman year, however, I’m glad to have picked the ones I did in addition to the ones required for my degree. These included Econ 102: Microeconomics, ECON 103: Macroeconomics, ASTR 100: Introduction to Astronomy, CLCV 116: The Roman Achievement, RLST 110: World Religions, and CW 104: Introduction to Narrative Writing. 

ECON 102 and ECON 103 were both required for my degree, so I took them early on. But, I also had never taken courses in anything economics-related. The introduction to this material provided me with useful information that I still remember today, and occasionally apply in other courses I’ve taken afterward.

Courses like ASTR 100, CLCV 116, and RLST 110 were electives I was able to take to fulfill basic gen-ed requirements. Although these were 100-level courses, I was still able to scratch the surface of these subjects and be slightly more educated in these areas! One of the most memorable things from the astronomy course was visiting the campus observatory at night to view constellations and during the day for solar observing! Additionally, I learned more about Roman history and the foundations of several religions in CLCV 116 and RLST 110 courses, respectively.

For CW 104, this turned out to be the beginning of my creative writing minor. I realized I was able to learn more about writing, which I was passionate about, without necessarily pursuing that career path. These courses are always one of my favorites each semester and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to learn more about something I love!

Overall, taking a variety of courses, especially through gen-ed requirements, can provide eye-opening and new experiences for students. They can make you realize you want to learn more or just become more educated in that subject! There’s so many other courses I’ve taken that’s further shaped my education and I’m glad to have once been enrolled in them!

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Megan Resurreccion