How the Access and Achievement Program helped me succeed on campus

Eriele TellisI was admitted to the University of Illinois under the Access and Achievement Program. It was because of this program and its caring staff members that I was able to flourish on campus.

The department provided me with tremendous support! I was obligated to meet with my advisor once a week, which at the time was a pain, but it was very beneficial.

Because of these weekly advising appointments, I became very close with my graduate advisor there. She became someone I could vent to, not only about academics, but my personal strife as well.

 Without the Access and Achievement program, I would not have been admitted to the university. Now, I am a senior with a 4.00 GPA, a James Scholar, the president of a registered student organization, and the founder of a community service initiative, Sister to Sister.

Without the support of the AAP and my own drive, I would not be where I am today. Even after I declared my major, AAP has been there to support me in achieving my academic goals. I will never be able to thank the whole AAP department enough for recognizing me as an asset to the university when there was great doubt that I would succeed here.

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Eriele Tellis