Understanding the upcoming LAS Climate Study results

Welcome to our LAS Climate Study results processing guide. We appreciate your interest in our research and are excited to share the upcoming steps in the process. This guide will help you understand what to expect as we administer and disseminate the findings of our study.

General questions about this initiative? Contact the LAS inclusive excellence team at las-ie@illinois.edu.

The analysis and implementation process

Step 1: Data Analysis and Verification (in progress)

The first phase involves collecting and analyzing the data gathered during our climate study. Our team works diligently with the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL) to ensure the data’s accuracy and reliability.

Step 2: Report Writing (in progress)

Once the data analysis is finalized, our team will begin writing reports that will present an overview of the climate in your unit and contextualize the results with data from similar units in the college. In addition, we will also summarize any issues raised in the open-ended responses by providing common themes present. We aim to provide valuable insights that are easy to understand for a wide range of audiences. Data has been assorted by the number of responses per unit.

Step 3: LAS Units Report Assistance

The LAS Inclusive Excellence team will meet with LAS units that require assistance with data interpretation and processing of the reports. Resources will be available for units to develop a strategic plan to address the climate study results.

Step 4: Preparing for Public Release

The LAS Office of Inclusive Excellence is committed to transparency and open communication. We are developing a comprehensive dissemination plan as we prepare for the public release of the college-level data.

Step 5: Public Release and Accessibility

Once our findings are ready, we will share them publicly. The LAS Climate Study’s college-level data and related materials will be available on our website. We strive to make the information easily accessible and understandable to all interested parties.

Step 6: Strategic Plan Development

LAS Inclusive Excellence team will assist units in developing strategic plans. The goal is for each unit to develop a series of actionable steps to (i) identify climate concerns and issues raised in the study, (ii) write a strategic plan to address the climate study results, and (iii) advance initiatives that can assist in improving the current unit climate.

LAS units must submit a finalized strategic plan to the College of LAS for approval within six months of receiving the climate study report.

Step 7: Strategic Plan Implementation

Departments/units should document all steps taken to improve their department's climate. A progress report must be submitted to the Dean’s office one year after the unit’s strategic plan is approved.

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