Preprofessional interests

Students with special professional goals, such as law school and medical school, may successfully follow any of a number of undergraduate programs. For example, prelaw students might select majors in political science, mathematics, economics, or English; premedical students might major in English or history as well as biology, chemistry, or other science curricula. Students preparing for high-school teaching will combine a major in Sciences and Letters with the professional minor in education.

Students majoring in a particular subject area within the Sciences and Letters curriculum may indicate specific preprofessional intentions or educational goals. The academic catalog lists specific categories.

You may also place a code correlated with a preprofessional interest on your student record. The Career Center and various advising offices use these codes to share information. To add or remove a code to your record, use the curriculum change form during the designated change period.

Preprofessional codes:

  • PD (Pre-dentistry)
  • PJ (Pre-College of Media)
  • PL (Pre-law)
  • PM (Pre-medicine)
  • PN (Pre-nursing)
  • PO (Pre-occupational therapy)
  • PP (Pre-physical therapy)
  • PS (Pre-psychology)
  • PV (Pre-veterinary medicine)
  • PY (Pre-pharmacy)