Advanced Composition

All students in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences are required to complete Advanced Composition after completing the Composition I requirement.

Advanced Composition builds on the abilities acquired in Composition I, but allows you to focus those abilities on writing that relates to a specific discipline. The courses meeting this requirement will generally be within your major or courses that fulfill other general education requirements. They may be either individual courses or "writing-intensive" sections of a course. You should check with your advisor to find out which courses in your major meet this requirement.

Some majors do not have Advanced Composition courses. Courses primarily focused on writing, for example, business and technical writing or rhetoric, will be available to fulfill this requirement. So will writing-intensive sections of courses that meet specific general education requirements.

Priority registration in Business and Technical Writing and Rhetoric 233 will be given to students in degree programs that require them. Therefore, students in programs not specifically requiring these classes should not expect to get in.

Ordinarily, students must fulfill this requirement through enrollment in an appropriate University of Illinois class. Advanced Composition courses are approved on the basis of the methodology of the course rather than on the course content. It is difficult to find courses at other institutions that will fulfill this requirement.

Petition for course substitution for Advanced Composition