Gen ed modifications for the secondary teacher education curriculum

Although secondary teacher education curriculum students must complete all general education requirements, some LAS teaching majors require the selection of specific courses from the gen ed list.

All LAS secondary teacher education majors require a speech performance course. Courses that meet this requirement are Speech Communication 101, 113, 120, 321, and 323. Students who meet their Composition I requirement with Speech Communication 111/112 do not have to take an additional speech performance course.


Biology, English, and mathematics 
These teaching majors may choose from the full range of offerings within the standard gen ed offerings.

Chemistry, earth science (geology), physics 
To meet state content standards, students in these physical science majors should take Integrative Biology 101 to meet the Life Sciences requirement.

Social studies (History) 
To meet state content standards for social studies, students in this major should select the following general education courses:

  • Historical/Philosophical Perspectives: History 171 or 172 and History 141
  • Social Sciences: Political Science 101
  • Non-Western Cultures (or U.S. Minority Cultures): History 100
  • Life Sciences: Anthropology 143
  • Physical Sciences: Geography 103
  • Quantitative Reasoning I: Statistics 100
  • Behavioral Sciences: Psychology 100
  • Quantitative Reasoning II: Sociology 380

Languages (potential teaching students in French, German, Latin, and Spanish)

  • Social Sciences: Political Science 101
  • Historical/Philosophical Perspectives: American history
  • Literature and the Arts: American or British literature or a literature course from a foreign language that is not their major language

Note: All potential teaching students should take PSYCH 100 to meet their Behavioral Science requirement since it is a prerequisite for EPSY 201, an admissions requirement for all secondary education students. Community Health 243 (Drug Use and Abuse) or Community Health 206 (Human Sexuality) is recommended but not required for any of the secondary majors.

Secondary teacher education curriculum students are reminded to consult with an advisor.