FAQ on CS + X majors

Here are answers to questions we frequently hear about our degrees that combine liberal arts and sciences majors with computer science.

What CS + X degrees are in the College of LAS?

  • CS + Astronomy
  • CS + Anthropology
  • CS + Chemistry
  • CS + Economics
  • CS + Geography and Geographic Information Science
  • CS + Linguistics
  • CS + Philosophy

Closely related are these degrees:

  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Statistics and Computer Science

Can I transfer to a CS + X major after being admitted to another major or college at Illinois?

While CS+X curricula are open for intercollegiate/interdepartmental transfer, students who are not directly admitted to a CS + X major must be admitted to a CS+X major by the student’s sixth term of enrollment, including terms completed at other institutions of post-secondary education.  If you have questions about this policy, or the intercollegiate/interdepartmental transfer process, please consult the College of LAS.

Why should I apply to a CS + X major, rather than the computer science major in the Grainger College of Engineering?

If you’re passionate about a specific subject and want to combine it with the study of computer science, our CS + X programs are perfect for you. You should be excited to major in the “X” subject offered as a part of this program.

Can I list a CS + X major as a second choice to a computer science major in the Grainger College of Engineering?

No, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions doesn’t allow this.

Will I be eligible for applying graduate computer science programs after earning a degree in a CS + X major?

Yes! All of our degrees prepare students for graduate school. If this is your goal, make sure you work with your advisors to complete the classes and search for other experiences that will be relevant to your graduate school applications.

Do CS + X students get the same internship and employment opportunities as those majoring in just computer science?

Yes! As an Illinois student, you’re welcome at all campus career fairs, including those hosted by Engineering Career Services. Employers are eager to recruit our students, including those who have studied computer science, work well in teams, have strong oral and written communications, think critically, and solve problems. The College of LAS offers many job search resources, as well.

Are these majors appealing to employers?

Yes! They’ll show you have a passion and are flexible enough to combine it with computer science.

Is the level of difficulty the same among these programs?

All of our degree programs are rigorous, though the general education and distribution requirements may differ between CS + X degrees and computer science degrees in the Grainger College of Engineering.

For example, students in the CS major in engineering are required to take two semesters of physics, but students in CS + X majors are not. CS + X majors in the College of LAS are required to take four semesters (or four high school years) of a foreign language, whereas CS engineering students are required only to take three. And as a CS + X major, you’ll be expected to complete 300- and 400-level classes in your specialized subject. You should expect these degree programs to challenge you.

Why aren’t CS + X majors in the Grainger College of Engineering?

These majors are in the College of LAS because they offer solid, foundational training in a field within our college, combined with the study of computer science. You’ll receive the benefit of earning a degree in your chosen field and in the core elements of CS. It’s a single, specialized degree that will prepare you to pursue your passions.