FAQ on CS + X majors

Here are answers to questions we frequently hear about our degrees that combine liberal arts and sciences majors with computer science.

What is CS + X?

By choosing a CS + X degree, students gain access to the incredible possibilities available at the intersection of computer science and the arts and sciences. These powerful, blended degrees prepare graduates to thrive in an era of digital transformation.

Designed to allow students to chart an innovative educational path, CS + X incorporates a solid foundation in a chosen art or science with a strong grounding in computer science. CS + X majors are tailored for students who are interested in their chosen “X” field and understand that computing technologies have the potential to innovate, change, and shape the future of “X”.

Each CS + X program in the College of LAS is a single major that leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences. After earning a CS + X degree, students will be poised to pursue graduate studies or launch careers in a wide variety of established and emerging fields.

What CS + X degrees are in the College of LAS?

Closely related are these degrees:

Why are these majors administered by the College of LAS?

CS + X majors are in the College of LAS because they offer solid, foundational training in a field within our college, combined with the study of computer science. Students receive the benefit of earning a degree in their chosen field and in the core elements of CS. It is a single, specialized degree that will prepare you to pursue your passions.

How is a CS + X major different from the "X" major, and how is it different from a CS major?

Each CS + X program is a single major that leads to a Bachelor of Science degree from the College of LAS. The program is designed to allow students to take an innovative educational path by incorporating the core elements of computer science and training in the selected arts and sciences field. CS + X programs are tailored for students who are interested in both computer science and the chosen “X” field. Students in these majors understand how the long-standing traditions of their LAS discipline (X) are taken to new levels of inquiry and discovery through the power of computing technologies.

Is it a double major or dual degree? What kind of degree would I end up with?

No. Each CS + X is a single major with two parts incorporating core elements of CS and the X degree. All of our programs lead to a Bachelor of Science degree from the College of LAS.

What is the ratio of courses, those in CS and those in the “X”?

Because degree requirements vary from program to program, students should consult degree requirements for their specific CS + X major. However, in general, students can expect to take 1-2 courses from their “X” department and 1-2 CS courses each semester during their time at Illinois.

Can I transfer between CS programs?

Students in one CS program can apply to transfer to another, though there is no guarantee that the transfer will be approved. Transfer criteria and procedures differ from program to program. Transferring from one CS + X program in the College of LAS to another requires that students perform well in CS coursework and meet the transfer criteria of the “X” discipline.

Students in any CS program hoping to transfer into the computer science major from The Grainger College of Engineering must go through the same procedures and meet the same minimum criteria as any other student hoping to transfer into the program and hold no advantage over other students.

Will I be eligible to apply to graduate programs in either Computer Science or my LAS discipline (X)?

Yes! All of our degrees prepare students for graduate school. If this is your goal, make sure you work with your advisors to complete the classes and search for other experiences that will be relevant to your graduate school applications.

Do CS + X students get the same internship and employment opportunities as students majoring only in CS or the X?

Yes! As an Illinois student, you’re welcome at all campus career fairs, including those hosted by Engineering Career Services and the College of LAS. Employers are eager to recruit our students because they have a deep knowledge of their LAS discipline, have studied computer science, work well in teams, have strong oral and written skills, think critically and are creative problem solvers.