Departmental Alumni Awards

In addition to alumni awards granted through LAS, many departments within the college bestow alumni awards. For more information about departmental awards, please contact the departments.

Congratulations to all the winners.


  • Department of Atmospheric Sciences

    Atmospheric Sciences Distinguished Alumna

    Susan Avery
    MS, ’74, physics; PhD, ’78, atmospheric sciences

  • Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

    Distinguished Alumni Award

    John Anderson
    MS, ’69; PhD, ’71, chemical engineering

    Joan Brennecke
    MS, ’87; PhD, ’89, chemical engineering

    Jack McWhirter
    BS, ’59, chemical engineering

    Robert Sankman
    BS, ’80, chemical engineering

    Young Alumni Achievement Award

    Fei Wen
    MS, ’06; PhD, ’10, chemical engineering

    Ajay Virkar
    BS, ’05, chemical engineering

  • Department of Geography & Geographic Information Science

    Early Career Alumni Achievement Award 

    Kory Konsoer
    PhD, ’14, geography

  • Department of Geology

    Alumni Achievement Award

    James Baroffio
    PhD, ’64, geology

  • Department of Mathematics

    Alumni Award for Outstanding Professional Achievement

    Howard Aizenstein
    BS, ’86, mathematics; MS, ’88; PhD, ’93, computer science; MD, ‘95

    James Donaldson
    MS ’63; PhD, ’65, mathematics

    Christine Heitsch
    BS, ’94, mathematics

    Edwin Perkins
    PhD, ’79, mathematics

    Actuarial Science Alumni of the Year Award

    Jonathan Ankney
    BS, ’96, actuarial science and finance

  • Department of Political Science

    Alumni Achievement Award

    Robert Doubek
    BA, ’66, political science

    Distinguished Service Award

    Robert Byars
    MA, ’65; PhD, ’69, political science

    Outstanding Young Alumni Award

    Nicholas Harrer
    BA, ’02, political science and speech communication

  • Department of Psychology

    Distinguished Alumni Award

    Rebecca Darr
    PS, '90, psychology