About the Lincoln Scholars Initiative

How the scholarships workThree graduating scholars wearing caps and gowns stand next to the bust of Abraham Lincoln in the lobby of Lincoln Hall.

We offer scholarships to academically strong admitted Illinois residents with financial need. We use their applications for admissions to determine eligibility.

The scholarship program provides $5,000 per year and students are notified in advance of the acceptance deadline, allowing them to factor the scholarships' support into their decision.

The scholarships are renewable with a potential value of $20,000 over four years, provided the student remains enrolled in LAS and maintains a competitive GPA.

History of the Lincoln Scholars Initiative

The Lincoln Scholars Initiative began in 2010 during the renovation of Lincoln Hall. Freshmen enrolling in the fall of 2012, when Lincoln Hall reopened, were the first recipients of the scholarships. The first eight Lincoln Scholars graduated in May 2016, and went on to either graduate school or their first jobs.

Through the 2021-22 academic year, the scholarship has supported a total of 120 Lincoln Scholars.

How the scholarships are awarded

Gifts to the Lincoln Scholars Initiative help students from all areas of the college. During the admissions cycle, LAS works with departments and other units to identify those eligible for support. All students who receive a scholarship through this initiative are recognized as Lincoln Scholars. Read more about our Lincoln Scholars.

Lincoln Scholars by major

Here's how our Lincoln Scholars were distributed across majors in LAS by the end of the 2021-22 school year:

  • Biological sciences: 16
  • Chemical sciences: 4
  • Humanities: 6
  • Mathematical sciences: 8
  • Physical sciences: 4
  • Social and behavioral sciences: 8

Students who double major are counted twice.