Humanities Research Institute awards annual faculty and graduate student fellowships

Several LAS recipients receive fellowships, with the theme being "Symptoms of Crisis"
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Humanities Research Institute has awarded faculty and student fellowships with this year's theme "Symptoms of Crisis."

The Humanities Research Institute at the University of Illinois has awarded its annual Faculty and Graduate Student Fellowships to six faculty members and six graduate students in the College of LAS for the 2021–22 academic year. Several members of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences have received a fellowship, with the theme for this year being “Symptoms of Crisis.”

The Humanities Research Institute also announced the next cohort of the Summer Faculty Research Fellowships, two of whom are from the Department of English. The Summer Faculty Research Fellowships are designed to help faculty maximize the summer for research in service of their ongoing professional development. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, summer 2021 Faculty Research Fellows will have an extended timeline to complete their work.

The recipients from LAS are as follows:

Faculty Fellowships

John Levi Barnard (comparative and world literature): “The Edible and the Endangered: Food, Empire, Extinction.”

Anne Burkus-Chasson (art history): “The Oddity of Chen Hongshou: A Telling Sign of Seventeenth-Century China?”

Eleanor Courtemanche (English): “Fragile Capitalism: The Long Afterlife of Victorian Crisis.”

Carolyn Fornoff (Spanish and Portuguese): “Mexican Culture in the Era of Climate Change.”

Bruce Rosenstock (religion): “Flesh of One’s Flesh: A Black Hebrew Theology of Kinship.”

Sandra Ruiz (Latina/Latino studies and English): “Minoritarian Pedagogy: Psychoanalytic Affections in the Space of Aesthetics.”

Graduate Student Fellowships

Joseph Coyle (anthropology): “Queer Pentecostal Worldmaking in an Uncertain Brazil.”

Megan Gargiulo (Spanish and Portuguese): “Race, Gender, and Recogimiento: Discursive Representations of Space, Sexuality, and Productivity in Late Colonial Mexico.”

Erin Grogan (English), “Cruising Dystopia: Queer Futurity and Toxic Temporalities in the Anthropocene.”

LeiAnna X. Hamel (Slavic languages and literatures), “Undisciplined Bodies: Deviant Female Sexuality in Russian and Yiddish Literatures, 1877-1929.”

Lilah Leopold (art history), “Countering Apocalypses Then, Now, and Tomorrow: Land Use, Resource Extraction, and Contemporary Art.”

Jessica Witte (English): “The Fasting Girl: A Literary, Digital, and Medical History of Anorexia from the Novel to the Clinic (1740–1900).”

Summer Faculty Research Fellowships

Christopher Kempf (English): “All These Ithacas” and Local Color.

Andrea Stevens (English): “Racial Masquerade and the Caroline Court, 1625-1649.”

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