LAS graduates named to Bronze Tablet

This year's awardees include 108 seniors from the college
Foellinger Auditorium and the Main Quad
Some 98 graduating seniors from the College of LAS have been named to the Bronze Tablet.

Some 108 graduating seniors from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences have been named to the 2021 Bronze Tablet list, honoring academic achievement.

Each year, the Bronze Tablet is inscribed with the names of new graduates and placed in the Main Library. To achieve this honor, undergraduate students must rank at the top 3 percent of each college’s graduating class and must have a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.5.

The first Bronze Tablet was created in 1925, with 14 names.   

This year's LAS recipients are listed below. The list includes bachelor's degree graduates from August and December 2020 and May 2021:

Cassandra Adara Afseth, integrative biology 

Faisal Al-Qawasmi, integrative biology 

Chun Bai, economics

Michael Ballantyne Bernhardt, chemistry and economics

Alyssa Nicole Bertini, political science

Sarah Birchenough, psychology and communication

Kirsten K. Birk, molecular and cellular biology

Valerie Jane Blackmore, psychology

Samantha Blanc, creative writing and advertising

Shuyu Cai, communication

Zhaohe Cao, econometrics and quantitative economics

Eddie Preston Caumiant, psychology

Kelley Chau, astronomy and computer science

Michael Chen, statistics and computer engineering

Shi-Yun Chen, linguistics

Yating Chen, statistics and finance

Zhuo Chen, physics

Haley Elizabeth Clark, molecular and cellular biology and psychology

Olivia Coleman, Spanish and music

Tianjiao Dai, physics

Wanxing Dai, statistics

Rebecca Deacetis, Spanish and speech and hearing science

Baihe Duan, mathematics

Olivia E. Duggins, psychology

Helen Eng, communication

Olivia Rose Fleming, communication and psychology

Haoxuan Fu, statistics and economics

Haley Kristine Fuoco, integrative biology

Andrew Gao, astronomy and computer science

Weichen Gao, physics and mathematics

Giorgio Thomas Graziano,
chemical and biomolecular engineering

Ruohao Guo, mathematics and computer science

Samuel Guo, statistics and computer science

Tao Guo, actuarial science and psychology

Abigail T. Hack, global studies and history

Jacob Hawkins, astronomy and aerospace engineering

Valerie Lynn Hebenstreit, psychology

Madeline Eleanor Hopkins, psychology

Kaiwen Hu, mathematics

Kimberly Irene Huizinga, communication

Yirui Jiang, economics

Marlena Johnson, classics

Johnna Latoria Jones, economics and history

Taylor Nicole Kassis, Spanish

Collin James Kauss, statistics and computer science

Philip A. Kocheril, chemistry

Kailey Elisabeth Komnick, molecular and cellular biology and chemistry

Izabella Anna Lach, integrative biology

Jacqueline Lee, psychology

Jiusi Li, mathematics and statistics

Zihao Li, mathematics

Junfeng Lin, statistics and computer science

Zuhan Lin, psychology

Guangkuo Liu, physics, mathematics, and computer science

Yongyi Liu, psychology

Jiahui Lou, economics

Robert Lou, mathematics, statistics, computer science

Lynnette E. Lu, actuarial science

Jingying Luo, actuarial science and statistics

Dun Ma, mathematics, computer science, and linguistics

Kassidy Elizabeth Mahoney, history and sociology

Brendan McGovern, English and political science

Quarrie L L McGuire, mathematics and computer science

Christopher William Mitchell, political science

Yasmeen Najjar, communication

Samantha M. Nardella, psychology

Jack Haohan Ning, statistics, computer science, and psychology

Maryrose Patricia O'Donnell, communication and linguistics

Benjamin Pankow, mathematics and computer science

Nitiksh Paul, molecular and cellular biology

Samuel Qunell, mathematics and engineering physics

Ruchira Ravirala, econometrics and quantitative economics

Katrina Sofia Rbeiz, psychology and global studies

Melanie Lyn Reed, psychology

Erin Michelle Rosenzweig, communication

Christopher Joseph Rudolphi, chemical and biomolecular engineering

Ashley Serna, psychology and Spanish

Dingchen Sha, statistics and mathematics

Cara Bridget Shanahan, political science

Thomas John Sheehan, chemical and biomolecular engineering

Aishwarya Shekara, political science and psychology

Andrew David Sima, creative writing and Earth, society, and environmental sustainability

Xiangchen Song, mathematics and computer science

Rachel Leann Spencer, English

Fante Su, economics

Hanyu Sun, economics

Tayisiya M. Tkachuk, communication and political science

Gabrielle Elena Toreja, integrative biology

Bansari Upadhyay, psychology

Paige Valente, psychology and speech and hearing science

Ravina S. Vasanwala, molecular and cellular biology

Ethan Patrick Walter, English

Ning Wan, mathematics, computer science, and statistics

Yichen Wang, statistics and economics

Caroline Vaughan Whittaker, economics

Claire M. Williams, integrative biology and geology

Yuling Wu, actuarial science and statistics

Zihe Wu, statistics

Yao Xiao, actuarial science and statistics

Xinqi Yan, actuarial science

Zhenzhou Yang, statistics and computer science

Ryan E. Yoakum, history and religion

Haoyue Yu, actuarial science and statistics

Shuai Yu, chemical and biomolecular engineering and physics

Yiheng Zhou, geography and geographic information science

Hongyue Zhu, actuarial science

Songcheng Zhuo, mathematics

Madeline Rose Zielke, psychology

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