Why choose LAS?

We asked current LAS students, “what do you love about being a student in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences?” From the real-world practicality of their majors to opportunities to explore outside of them, read what they had to say.

Alyssa stands in front of a radar truck used within atmospheric sciences⛅ Alyssa, atmospheric sciences

I love being in climate, meteorology, and atmospheric sciences (CLiMAS) because it is a study that so many people are passionate about without even knowing. Almost everyone cares about the weather and has wondered at the sky. I love being able to share what fascinates me with the public.

Uma in Dublin on a foggy day. The city can be seen in the background.📚 Uma, English

One of my favorite aspects of LAS is the encouragement to study abroad. Living in a new country for five months can be daunting, but LAS sets up students with an introductory course to prepare for the next few months, and another class while we're in the country to help us reflect and grow.

Shreya smiling for the camera. She has sunglasses on her head and is wearing a plaid purple shirt.🔭 Shreya, astrophysics

The thing I love most about my major is the fact that engaging in this field as a student allows me to explore its impact in the real world quite early in my career through intriguing research projects. With vast opportunities to present my progress and interact with fellow enthusiasts at scientific conferences, I feel confident navigating this field to explore my interests and passion."

Kristian smiling for the camera. She is wearing a grey sweatshirt and gold-framed glasses.🗨️ Kristian, Spanish

I choose LAS because it allowed me to grow into the best future humanitarian and educator that I can be. I am learning how to change the world's language in new innovative and creative ways! My experience in LAS is what I will carry with me after I graduate and allow me to contribute to making the world a better place!"

Gillian smiles while looking off into the distance.🧪 Gillian, chemistry

I chose LAS because of the community and opportunities. Entering college, I was very curious about all the different experiences and clubs that I could join. With the help of faculty, professors, and friends, I have had an amazing and inspiring time so far. I am very glad to be a part of LAS."