Maintain healthy balance within three dimensions of wellness

Student wellnessAs a college student, it is important to take care of yourself in every aspect. Getting adjusted to college as a freshman or trying to keep up your stamina as a senior can be challenging. Maintaining a balance in life is essential to keeping a healthy lifestyle. This semester, find time to recharge your body by prioritizing your sleep, get enough exercise, eat a balanced diet, take time to center yourself, and focus on what’s happening mentally. All of these wellness tips fall into a dimension of health and wellness. 

Environmental Wellness

This form of wellness allows us to be in tune with our environmental surroundings. Whether this is going outside with your friends for a walk, playing an outdoor sport, gardening, or just sitting outside, this is a great way to enjoy what is around you.

If you have spring allergies, it is important that you create a regimen to help control them. It is important that you change your clothes when you go inside because the allergens can linger on your clothes and migrate to your living spaces.

Another approach to environmental wellness is taking care of the things around you. Whether that be in your home, outside your home, or anywhere else on Earth, be mindful of what you are using and how you are affecting the spaces you are in. Taking time to protect your surroundings will be beneficial to you and those around you. 

Physical Wellness

Springtime is a great time to get in shape and maintain a healthy body. You can enjoy many activities outside that will allow you to become physically healthy. Going for a hike or a jog, playing a sport, etc. can help you fulfill your physical health goals. Indoor fitness activities will help you reach your goals, as well. If you want to take group fitness classes or explore ways to get fit, you can visit the Campus Recreation web page to learn more.

Physical wellness is more than just exercising, though. It's about fueling your body with the right nutrients, getting enough sleep, and taking the right steps to prevent illness. It can be hard to fuel your body with the correct nutrients. Sometimes we question what is good and how much of certain food groups we should actually be eating. Try to include a variety of foods with each meal. If you happen to be vegan or vegetarian, there are many options for you to get the adequate nutrients your body needs, as well.

When the weather becomes warmer, people are more likely to go out to eat rather than stay in to meal prep or cook at home. Knowing how to balance between dining out and eating at home is the best way to keep a healthy lifestyle and track what you are eating. If you want more tips on nutrition and how to cook, you can visit McKinley Health Center’s Nutrition website and read the nutrition handouts that share how to grocery shop, what produce is in season, good snacks for your brain, and tips on weight loss. You can also participate in nutrition workshops, nutrition coaching, and cooking classes. If you feed your body the correct way, you will be ready for summer in no time! 

With the approaching time change on Sunday, March 8, you will want to get a grasp on your sleeping pattern. We will lose an hour of sleep, so you may want to go to bed earlier. Don’t forget to reset your clocks so you will wake up in time for class or other responsibilities you may have. As a college student, getting enough sleep will determine how your brain functions throughout the day. You want your body to be able to repair itself.

Lastly, if you feel sick or you just want to get a checkup, please visit the McKinley Health Center. Our bodies need to function correctly for us to successfully carry out our daily responsibilities. Eating properly and checking your blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol levels are ways to help you prevent disease. Washing your hands, covering your nose and mouth, and taking part in other clean hygiene practices are great ways to prevent illness. Get moving and pay attention to your body. If something feels wrong, only you will know. That is when you should reach out to a healthcare professional about what you are experiencing. 

Mental Wellness

Another part of wellness is mental health. When you are being mentally aware of your own state of being, you are realizing your own abilities and able to cope with the normal stresses of life, while still being productive and carrying out your daily routines. Especially now during midterm season, stress is at a high level. Make sure you are taking breaks to clear your mind and communicate your feelings with someone else to relieve stress.

Keeping active is found to be very therapeutic for people when dealing with a lot of life stresses. Taking time out of your day to meditate and hone in on what’s going on in your life is also beneficial to your mental well-being. Yoga is another way to recenter your mind, body, and soul.

There are also options for you at Illinois if you need to talk to a professional. The Counseling Center is a resource on campus that will provide you with services that are “intended to help students with their coping skills in order to address emotional, interpersonal, and academic concerns.” Illinois also has a McKinley Health program that can help you if you feel like you are experiencing any emotional or behavioral difficulties. Make your well-being a priority and support others by promoting and advocating for healthy emotional, social, and behavioral development.

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Amber Redmond