Consider your physical, mental health during tough times

Times have changed and students around the world are still learning to adapt to their different environments and new routines. Since March, students have adjusted their living situations as well as their learning environments. Adjusting your everyday routine is not always easy, so it can take some time before we actually start getting used to life in a pandemic. No matter the obstacles ahead, it is extremely important to take care of yourself mentally and physically during these tough times. 

To keep students, faculty, and staff safe at Illinois, the university has provided guidelines for us to follow. We have to practice social distancing, wash our hands frequently, clean the different facilities on campus daily, and get COVID testing two to three times each week. To keep up with COVID-19 testing, Illinois has made an app, so you can locate testing centers and keep track of your testing dates. To learn more about the Safer Illinois App, you can visit the website with all the information. It is also important that all students, faculty, and staff have accessed and taken the mandatory PPE training.

 Along with taking care of yourself physically, you should also be sure that you are taking care of your mental health. You should be getting at least eight hours of sleep, eating three balanced meals, and participating in exercise or any type of physical activity. Practicing meditation and mindfulness can help you get in the right headspace to calm your energies. Remember to protect your space and be cognizant of your surroundings. If you think you may need counseling assistance, please utilize the Counseling Center for appropriate resources. Telehealth appointments are available for students. To find out more information, visit the counseling center website. 

During this pandemic, staying on top of your classes is extremely vital. It can be very easy to fall behind, but you have to keep yourself as accountable as if you were in-person every single day. You can practice these same practices by attending your assigned lectures and putting yourself in a study environment while you attend those classes. Wake up at a reasonable time and get started on your assignments. Practicing time management and eliminating any unnecessary distractions is always key. Also, because you are teaching and reviewing yourself, you should find the best way in which you learn.

Adjusting to new conditions will take some time, but that comes with practice. Remember that Illinois has many resources to help students out during these unprecedented times. You are not alone. 


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Amber Redmond