Find methods that work for you while remote learning, studying

COVID-19 has greatly impacted all aspects of our lives this year. However, you should be proud of yourself for making it through this fall semester. E-learning is a huge part of our day-to-day lives now, and, although it's not for everyone, we have to learn/practice the best methods in which we can receive the information. Some of our classes are taught asynchronous and some synchronous so it’s important that you create a schedule for yourself that works and try to mimic your in-person class schedule as it would’ve been. 

With asynchronous classes it can be a lot more difficult to stay disciplined with your study habits and be responsible for the work you have for that class. You can fall behind due to lacking proper time management and you can lack the motivation to even attend class if you know it’s not mandatory and not being held at a certain time. This can also be a benefit to some people, because it can accommodate different schedules and offer more time for those who need to practice more and reflect on what they have learned. If you missed anything in class this is a great way for you to go back and look at information. 

Synchronous learning is a bit different, because it allows individuals to be more interactive and engage with their peers and instructors in live time. You can get your questions answered immediately as well as request clarification on any of the content that was presented to you. Depending on your learning style, this may be the best type of learning for you. 

When studying for your online classes, treat it like a traditional course. You should put yourself in a quiet environment to mimic a classroom setting. Eliminating distractions of any kind and staying actively engaged will help aid you in your online learning experience. Building a study plan and schedule is vital when it comes to online learning. A lot of the classes have learning goals and objectives. Looking at those are a great way to begin a study session because they will tell you exactly what you need to review. Planning ahead and creating to-do lists will help you prioritize your time and stay on track when it comes to studying. One of my professors tells our class to review the material, go back and revise your notes so you can easily understand them, and repeat this until you understand the information. 

All in all, make sure you are holding yourself accountable and reviewing your information. Taking study breaks and staying positive is important as well. Everyone is still adapting. Remember to be patient with yourself and reward yourself for making it this far in this school year! 

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Amber Redmond