AAP Ambassadors

Are you passionate about Illinois, the College of LAS, and AAP, and want to share that enthusiasm with incoming students? The LAS Access and Achievement Ambassador Program is a group of undergraduate students who play a vital role in explaining life as an undergraduate at Illinois within both the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences as well as within the program. Our overall goals are to:

  1. get students excited about Illinois, LAS, and AAP.
  2. begin building a strong community through providing a sound and nurturing environment.
  3. develop leaders. Each academic year a group of 8-10 LAS AAP undergraduate students will be selected for the program.


  • Meet and interact with prospective and newly enrolled LAS AAP students and/or their families in a variety of settings
  • Present information to prospective and/or newly enrolled students
  • Serve as a student representative at campus, college, and/or program events
  • Serve as a student representative on campus, college, and/or program committees
  • Specific duties may include helping with: admission yield activities, admission calling campaigns; fall kick-off event; plenaries; achievement series; and President’s Award Program (PAP) Day


  • Enhance your public speaking skills
  • Have direct involvement and communication with program administration
  • Reinforce your leadership skills
  • Connect your experience with other interests and activities
  • Boost your written communication skills
  • Foster a community environment
  • Build your resume


The program, where possible, will consist of two members from each class year. Ambassadors must be current LAS students who have been admitted through the Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) or the President’s Award Program (PAP). LAS AAP Ambassadors are expected to be active participants and attend all orientation, training, and program meetings. Some travel is required with the possibility of weekend and evening programs. The application is open each fall.