AAP in Costa Rica

AAP students in Costa RicaStudy abroad through the Access and Achievement Program

Studying in Costa Rica provides opportunities to experience a country with a strong commitment to protecting its natural resources, all while exploring its volcanoes, beaches, rain forests, and cloud forests. 

In addition to being a fantastic study abroad opportunity, AAP in Costa Rica allows an alternative way for students to finish their introductory Spanish language courses, which can be a barrier for many students. Students are immersed in another culture, forever changed, and are able to look upon their studies with a new perspective.

Hear from AAP students

Asuntha Sutton
"Immersing myself in not only the language but also the culture allowed me to explore a new aspect of who I am, and who I never imagined I could be."
Amaria Knowles
"Seeing a different culture and being immersed in it changed me more than I can say. I am applying myself more in my classes today because of this experience."