Animal Biology/AAP Summer Research Fellowship

The Animal Biology/AAP Summer Research Fellowship provides funding for undergraduate students in the Access and Achievement Program (AAP) to become involved in research during the summer months.

A partnership between AAP and the School of Integrative Biology, this fellowship is a 10 week research experience with a paid stipend of $6,000 to be paid to students throughout the course of the summer.



In the Animal Biology/AAP Summer Research Fellowship, AAP students will have opportunities to conduct research in a wide variety of topics in the biological sciences. Previous scholars have examined topics including the survival of brown-headed cowbirds, instincts of three-spine stickleback fish, herbivory's impact on plants, and more.

Kira Pilate-Jean discusses her research on the survival of brown-headed cowbirds.

David Wilkerson-Lindsey conducted research on instincts of three-spine stickleback fish.

Courtney Randell discusses her research on herbivory's impact on plants.